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Welcome to legitmulla hope you have landed in the best interest place of your research, go throw the airtcle and get what you want Review: Legit Investment or Scam?

In the ever-evolving world of online investments and money-making opportunities, has emerged as a platform that claims to offer lucrative investment plans. However, before diving headfirst into any investment opportunity, it’s essential to conduct a thorough review. In this article, we will examine, exploring its functionality, investment plans, registration process, and more to determine whether it’s a legitimate investment option or a potential scam.

If you came across this page while searching for a review of on the internet, to determine if the platform is legitimate, pays its users, or just a waste of time and money, then please read this article in its entirety. It will help you make an informed decision when considering registering for online platforms like

In the current situation, it is challenging to earn money online, especially here in Nigeria. The reason is that numerous online income platforms are being launched every day, each with different intentions. Many of these platforms appear legitimate initially, enticing more people to join, but later turn out to be scams. Others are simply created for the purpose of scamming individuals. They ask members to perform various tasks on the platform daily, but when it comes time to withdraw earnings, difficulties arise in accessing the platform.

We understand the pain of falling victim to online scams, so we conducted research on online income platforms to provide guidance to those interested in making money online. Our goal is to offer authentic information about any platform we come across, enabling users to make informed decisions, especially for those who rely on our website for regular updates. Now let’s delve deeper into the platform known as Continue reading.

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to offer registered members the opportunity to earn money online by investing a specific amount from the comfort of their homes.

You may have heard people talking about this platform on social media platforms like WhatsApp groups, Facebook, or even Telegram, and you may be tempted to join based on someone’s explanation of its benefits, particularly if they provide their referral link to gain referral bonuses. However, they may not inform you about the negative aspects because they want to earn those bonuses.

If you’re considering to sign up on this platform, it’s important to read this review thoroughly. It will provide you with all the necessary information about

Let’s go through this platform in the following subtitles; what is, review, how does work, how to make money on, how to login to account dashboard, how to register to, is legit, is scam, who is this owner of, does have apk or app, when was launched or created, how to get referral, is fake or real, how do I withdraw my money from and many other questions relating to

If you have been searching for any of the questions stated above then you are lucky because you are on the right place, as everything will be discussed in this article to your understanding.

DISCLAIMER: legitmulla was not paid neither affiliated nor in partnership with, hence this review is strictly for the education of our readers, and anyone who is interested in this earning platform.

What is presents itself as an online investment platform that offers various investment plans, promising substantial returns on your investments. The website claims to be a secure and efficient way to grow your wealth, but let’s take a closer look to see how it works.

How Does Work? operates on the principle of high-yield investment programs (HYIPs). These platforms typically claim to invest your funds in various ventures, such as cryptocurrencies, forex trading, or other speculative markets, to generate returns. However, the specifics of’s investment strategies are not readily available on their website, raising some concerns about transparency.

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How to Make Money on

To make money on, you need to register an account, deposit funds, and choose an investment plan. These plans typically promise varying levels of returns over specific durations. It’s important to note that all investments carry inherent risks, and the promised returns may not always be guaranteed.


Minimum and Maximum Deposit Amounts may have minimum and maximum deposit limits, which can vary depending on the chosen investment plan. It’s crucial to review these limits before investing. Investment Plans Investment Plans
Below are the available investment plans on Thedubaimall through which members can make their choice and invest to get daily returns from the platform:


Amount: N3500
Daily income: N800
Validity period: 40 days



Amount: N6000
Daily income: N1,450
Validity period: 40 days



Amount: N12,000
Daily income: N2500
Validity period: 40 days

Amount: N20,000
Daily income: N4,500
Validity period: 40 days

Amount: N30,000
Daily income: N6,700
Validity period: 40 days

Amount: N50,000
Daily income: N13,200
Validity period: 40 days

Amount: N70,000
Daily income: N18,300
Validity period: 40 days

Amount: N100,000
Daily income: N24,300
Validity period: 40 days

Amount: N150,000
Daily income: N37,000
Validity period: 40 days

VIP 10
Amount: N300,000
Daily income: N90,000
Validity period: 40 days

VIP 11
Amount: N450,000
Daily income: N120,000
Validity period: 40 days

VIP 12
Amount: N800,000
Daily income: N175,000
Validity period: 40 days

VIP 13
Amount: N1,500,000
Daily income: N350,000
Validity period: 40 days typically offers multiple investment plans with different durations and returns. It’s vital to carefully review these plans and assess their feasibility and risk level before making an investment decision.

How to Register on

Registering on usually involves providing your personal information, creating an account, and funding it through the available payment methods.

  • Visit their Official Website at
  • Click on the sign up or register page
  • Enter your phone number
  • Enter your verification code
  • Provide a password
  • Enter your password again for confirmation
  • Enter your invitation CODE
    After that, Click the REGISTER button.
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How to login to dashboard?

Follow the guide below to Login to your account dashboard.

  • Visit website
  • Click on the login button
  • Provide your phone number and password
  • Click on SIGN IN and you will be logged in.

Who Can Be a Member on may have specific eligibility criteria for members, but these details can change over time. Typically, anyone with the legal age to invest can participate. Referral Program

Some HYIPs offer referral programs, allowing members to earn commissions by referring new investors. may have a similar program, but the terms can vary.

Who is the CEO or Owner of

Information about the CEO or owner of is not readily available on their website, which can raise concerns about transparency.

When Was Launched?

The launch date of can provide insights into its credibility and track record. However, this information may not be readily available.

Is Legit or a Scam?

Determining the legitimacy of requires careful consideration. HYIPs, in general, are associated with a high level of risk, and many have turned out to be scams. It’s essential to conduct thorough research, read reviews, and exercise caution before investing.

How to Withdraw on likely has a withdrawal process outlined on their website. You’ll typically need to request a withdrawal from your dashboard, and the funds will be transferred to your chosen payment method. Payment Proofs

Authentic payment proofs from real investors can provide some assurance about the platform’s credibility. Look for reviews and testimonials from users who have successfully received payments from

Final Verdict (

In conclusion, appears to be a high-yield investment program with associated risks. Its legitimacy is not definitively established, and potential investors should exercise caution and conduct thorough due diligence before investing their hard-earned money.


When considering any investment opportunity, it’s crucial to approach it with skepticism and conduct extensive research., like many similar platforms, presents both opportunities and risks. Your financial well-being should be a top priority, so make informed decisions and consider seeking advice from financial professionals if needed. Always remember that investments carry inherent risks, and there are no guaranteed returns in the world of finance.


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