Vistalog Review (Legit or Scam?)

Vistalog Review (Legit or Scam?)

Vistalog has emerged as a platform garnering attention for its promise of earning opportunities, especially in countries like Ghana and Cameroon. In this comprehensive review, we delve into various aspects of Vistalog, shedding light on its functionality, earning structures, registration process, special features, and more.

Vistalog is a online platform that pays you for daily login &
advert post. You get N3,000 welcome bonus while you earn
N800 daily. You also earn affiliate bonus of N4,000 for each
person you refer.

Vistalog review will dwell on “how vistalog works”, how to
register/sign up on starmil, how to earn & withdraw and it’s
legitimacy, that is, if they are legit or scam.
Nowadays there seems to be a lot of platforms that comes
out with its own packages, plans and the rest. Some end up
not paying their members (especially non-referrals) even
after all the promises. For this reason this blog would often
review certain platforms to give you an insight on how it
operates, that if you follow through you’ll surely make

Everyone needs money at this time period. Is it Christmas,
Tuition fees, or just random basic needs? Or are you a
parent and probably looking for an extra part-time passive
income? We also know of the current prices of
commodities, how it keeps skyrocketing everyday, such that
if you don’t double your hustle you end up at the loosing

If you are reading this article now it means you’re looking
for solutions at the right place. It is very interesting to know
that in this technology age some websites would actually
pay you you to get some simple tasks done online. You can
be paid to like, follow or comment on social media pages
like Facebook, TikTok, etc.
One of those similar websites which would pay you for such
simple tasks is vistalog . You don’t necessarily need to to
refer people before you get paid. However, if you want to
refer, you’ll earn even more. There are lots of interesting
features we will also talk about regarding vistalog platform
in this review.

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Before you decide to sign up on vistalog, I’m sure you would
want to know how vistalog works , as well as how to make
money from it. Thus, I advice that you pay close attention to
all the contents in this review.

What is Vistalog All About?

Vistalog positions itself as a platform offering avenues for users to earn money. While the specifics may vary, the core idea revolves around providing individuals with opportunities to generate income through activities on the platform.

How Does Vistalog Work?

Vistalog operates on a model that involves users engaging in various tasks to earn money. This can range from completing surveys, watching videos, to participating in affiliate programs. The platform’s functionality forms the backbone of its appeal, making it crucial to understand the mechanics behind its operation.

Vistalog Earning Structure

🔺Registration fee N5,000
🔺Welcome Bonus N3,000
🔺Daily Login N200
➡️Vista Post N300
➡️Advert Post N300
➡️Referral bonus N4,000
➡️Indirect referral bonus N300
➡️2nd indirect referral N100
➡️Spillovers N100-N500
➡️Minimum non-referral withdrawal N25,000
➡️Minimum referral withdrawal N10,000

Understanding how users earn on Vistalog is fundamental. The review explores the intricacies of the earning structure, highlighting the different activities that contribute to users’ income on the platform.

Vistalog Ghana Earning Structure

For users in Ghana, Vistalog’s earning structure might have unique aspects. This section of the review focuses on delineating the specific earning opportunities available to users in Ghana.

Vistalog Cameroon Earning Structure

Similarly, users in Cameroon may find distinctive features in Vistalog’s earning structure. The review details these aspects, providing a comprehensive overview for individuals in Cameroon.

Vistalog Registration (How to Sign Up on Vistalog)

Getting started on Vistalog involves the registration process. This section guides potential users through the steps required to sign up on the platform, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience.

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Vistalog Coupon Code (How to Buy Vistalog Coupon Code)

The acquisition of coupon codes is often a crucial step in unlocking additional features or benefits on platforms like Vistalog. This segment of the review elucidates the process of purchasing Vistalog coupon codes.

Vistalog coupon code cost N5,000 (Discount offer @ 4k). It
makes up for your registration fee and you won’t have to
pay any money again after buying a coupon code for
registration. Buy coupon code via this link now.

Vistalog Earn Money (How to Earn on Vistalog)

Unpacking the myriad ways to earn on Vistalog is vital for users seeking to maximize their potential income. This section provides insights into the diverse opportunities available on the platform.

Vistalog Affiliate Program

For those interested in expanding their earning potential through referrals, the Vistalog Affiliate Program is a key feature. The review explores the intricacies of this program and its benefits.

*Affiliate/referral bonus on vistalog is N4,000. That is,
when someone signs up using your referral link.

*Indirect affiliate earnings is N300. That is, when
someone you referred refers someone else.

*Second referral referral earnings is N100. That is,
when your second downline signs up another person.

Vistalog App Login

With the prevalence of mobile usage, having a dedicated app can enhance user experience. This part of the review outlines the steps for logging into the Vistalog app.

Vistalog Withdrawals | How to Withdraw/Cashout

The ultimate goal of many users is to convert their earnings into tangible rewards. This section details the withdrawal process on Vistalog, guiding users on how to cash out their earnings.

Is Vistalog Legit?

Addressing concerns about the legitimacy of a platform is crucial. This review assesses Vistalog’s credibility, evaluating factors that contribute to its legitimacy.

Is Vistalog Scam?

Scam allegations often circulate in the online earning space. This section critically examines claims and provides an informed perspective on the legitimacy of Vistalog.

Vistalog Special Features

Highlighting the unique features that set Vistalog apart from other platforms is essential. This section explores the special attributes that contribute to Vistalog’s appeal.

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1. Spillovers: This is a feature where users Benefit from
their Upline or team if it’s active, users can earn
100Naira to 500Naira Spillover randomly any time to
their Affiliate Balance if their Upline is active the
sweetest part is that this doesn’t affect the Normal
earnings of the Upline (affiliate bonus and indirect),
Money Flows into the system!

2. Vista Lucky Wheel Spin: Users get to use this feature
to earn extra money by spinning a lucky wheel and
get what ever the prize they won is!, this activity
would be a smooth experience

3. VTU ENABILITY: members can purchase data, airtime
and do Cable subs with your activity earnings and
affiliate earnings and get it swiftly.

4. High Commission On Vistalog Coupon Code Sales:
Those who qualify to become vendors can earn extra
income selling coupon codes.

5. Global Enability: Vistalog is a worldwide business,
anybody from anywhere can sign up and enjoy
Vistalog benefits and they’ll have a stress fee
Withdrawal as well and get paid.

6. Rank And Incentives: We will all have ranks on our
dashboard and incentives for targets reached! The
prize and incentives would be communicated soon.
We get to monitor our Ranks progress

7. Stress Free Withdrawal For Affiliates And Non

8. News/Articles Uploaded: This is the Vistalog Blog, a
section where users can drop Latest gist, articles or
educational contents for the public to read. Users
can attach their social media handles to the articles.

9. Vista E-commerce: More like a Vista Mart, where
users buy and sell products, Everybody has access
to upload products on this section for free to
thousands of users.

Vistalog Review (Legit or Scam?)

10. Transferring Of Earnings: Registered members of
Vistalog can transfer their earnings from one user to
another instantly.

11. Multiple Ways Of Earning For Affiliates And Non

12. 24/7 Standby Customer Support

13. Vista Ads Feature For Advertisement And

14. Access to Different Free courses and Skills

Why Choose Vistalog?

Summarizing the advantages and distinctive aspects of Vistalog, this section outlines reasons why individuals might opt for this platform over others.

Vistalog Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To address common queries and concerns, a compilation of frequently asked questions provides users with quick and accessible information.


In conclusion, this review offers a comprehensive understanding of Vistalog, covering its functionality, earning structures, registration process, and special features. While users should exercise diligence, the review aims to equip individuals with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their involvement with Vistalog.

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