MAKE MONEYReview Review; Legit Or Scam?How does Afrikpremier works? How to earn money on Review; Legit Or Scam? Review; Legit Or Scam? has emerged as a platform claiming to offer users a unique opportunity to earn through various tasks and activities. In this review, we will delve into what is, how it operates, its legitimacy, features, earning structures, and the process of signing up and withdrawing earnings.

What is is an online platform that positions itself as an avenue for users to earn money by performing tasks and engaging in various activities. It follows a system where users can purchase coupon codes, register on the platform, perform tasks, and withdraw their earnings.

How Does Work?

  • Purchase Coupon Code: Users start by acquiring a coupon code.
  • Register: Following the purchase, users must register on the platform.
  • Perform Tasks: Users engage in tasks provided on the platform to accumulate earnings.
  • Withdraw Earnings: The earned money can then be withdrawn through specified channels.

Is Legit?

The legitimacy of is a crucial aspect to consider. Users need assurance that the platform is reliable and trustworthy before investing time and resources.

How to Sign Up on

The sign-up process is a fundamental step for users looking to explore This typically involves providing necessary details and creating an account on the platform.

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  • Peer to Peer system: The platform employs a peer-to-peer system for users to interact and engage with each other.
  • Digital Courses: offers digital courses as part of its features.
  • Virtual Topup System: Users can make virtual top-ups through the platform.
  • Afrik Market: The inclusion of Afrik Market suggests additional opportunities for users. Earning Structures offers different packages, such as the Afrik Package and Ruby Package, each with its own earning structures.

There are two packages available on, Afrik Package and Ruby Package, your earnings per tasks are determined by the package you are subscribed to on the platform.

Below is a breakdown of the earning structures for the different packages on Afrikpremier;

  • Afrik Package
  1. Welcome bonus: ₦3000
  2. Daily login: ₦200
  3. Afrik task: ₦300
  4. Afrik post: ₦500
  5. Affiliate bonus: ₦3500
  6. 1st Indirect Affiliate: ₦200
  7. 2nd Indirect Affiliate: ₦100

Ruby Package

  1. Welcome bonus: ₦4000
  2. Daily login: ₦300
  3. Afrik task: ₦400
  4. Afrik post: ₦700
  5. Affiliate bonus: ₦5000
  6. 1st Indirect Affiliate: ₦400
  7. 2nd Indirect Affiliate: ₦150

How to Earn on

Perform Tasks: Users can accumulate earnings by completing tasks on the platform.

Refer New Users to Site: Referring new users is another avenue for earning on

To earn on Afrikpremier, here are the two things to do on the platform;

1. Perform Tasks
One major way to earn money on Afrikpremier is to perform tasks available on the platform daily. Taking and completing a task on Afrikpremier earns users monetary rewards which can be withdrawn from the platform into a functional bank account. Tasks to perform on Afrikpremier include engaging with Afrikpremier posts on social media, logging in to the platform on a daily basis, etc.

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The reward for each tasks on Afrikpremier are quite different based on your subscription package.

2. Refer New Users to Site
Another major way to make money on Afrikpremier is to join their affiliate program. The affiliate program on the platform requires affiliates to refer new users to join the site.

To do this, affiliates generate a unique referral link which they are to share on their social media handles. Once someone joins the website through an affiliate’s unique referral link, the affiliate will be rewarded.

An affiliate earnings per referral is based on the package he is subscribed to, the higher the package, the higher the earnings.

How to Withdraw Earnings on

The withdrawal process is a critical aspect for users to access their earned money. Understanding the withdrawal mechanism is key to utilizing the platform effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What currency does Afrikpremier pay with?
Afrikpremier pays in Nigerian Naira.

Who can use Afrikpremier?
Anybody with a mobile phone and internet connection can use Afrikpremier.

Do I need to refer before I can cash out on Afrikpremier?
No, referral is not an option before you can cash out on

Is a ponzi scheme?
Yes, Afrikpremier is a ponzi scheme.

Does Afrikpremier pay?
Yes, Afrikpremier pays its user, but this cannot be promised for long.


1. Referral is not mandatory on

2. The earnings per tasks on Afrikpremier are impressively high.


1. is not free to use.

2. Non affiliates on the platform are not allowed to withdraw their money till a specific day in a month.

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3. Earnings per tasks on are pretty exaggerated and almost implausible.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the review aims to provide users with an informed perspective on, encompassing its features, earning structures, and overall legitimacy. Users are encouraged to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before fully engaging with any online earning platform.

You can make money doing the bearest minimum on With their one time N4500 registeration fee, you can earn twice before a week just by being active on the platform. However keep in mind that although the platform may be paying at the onset, it is not trustworthy and can crash anytime as have been observed of similar sites in the past

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