MAKE MONEYReview Review :Is Legit or Scam?

Unveiling A Comprehensive Guide to Registration, Earnings, and Legitimacy


Welcome to Legitmulla if you came across this page while searching for has emerged as a platform claiming to provide lucrative opportunities for individuals seeking to make money online. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of, including the registration process, methods to earn money, investment plans, the potential for referral earnings, its launch date, and the crucial question of its legitimacy.

CLICK HERE TO JOIN US ON FACEBOOK is a newly established platform based in Nigeria that promises individuals the opportunity to invest in stocks of various auto manufacturers. It claims to provide substantial daily earnings through its investment plans. While the platform sounds enticing, it’s essential to delve into its details and understand how it works.
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What is presents itself as an online platform that offers various avenues for individuals to earn money. Whether through investments, referrals, or other means, aims to provide users with financial opportunities in the digital realm.

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How to Register on

Registering on is a straightforward process. Users typically need to visit the official website, fill in required details, and create an account. It’s essential to follow the provided guidelines and provide accurate information during the registration process.

How to Make Money on offers multiple ways for users to earn money. From investment plans to engaging in specific tasks, the platform provides a variety of opportunities for users to increase their earnings. Understanding the available avenues is crucial for maximizing potential profits. Investment Plans:

Investment Plans:

    •Validity: 20 days
    •Daily Earnings: ₦450.00
    •Total Return: ₦9,000.00
    •Amount: ₦3,000.00
  2. VOLVO:
    •Validity: 20 days
    •Daily Earnings: ₦675.00
    •Total Return: ₦13,500.00
    •Amount: ₦4,500.00
  3. HONDA:
    •Validity: 20 days
    •Daily Earnings: ₦1,425.00
    •Total Return: ₦28,500.00
    •Amount: ₦9,500.00
  4. LEXUS:
    •Validity: 20 days
    •Daily Earnings: ₦3,000.00
    •Total Return: ₦60,000.00
    •Amount: ₦20,000.00
  5. TOYOTA:
    •Validity: 20 days
    •Daily Earnings: ₦4,500.00
    •Total Return: ₦90,000.00
    •Amount: ₦30,000.00
    •Validity: 20 days
    •Daily Earnings: ₦6,000.00
    •Total Return: ₦120,000.00
    •Amount: ₦40,000.00
  7. FORD:
    •Validity: 20 days
    •Daily Earnings: ₦7,500.00
    •Total Return: ₦150,000.00
    •Amount: ₦50,000.00
  8. AUDI:
    •Validity: 20 days
    •Daily Earnings: ₦15,000.00
    •Total Return: ₦300,000.00
    •Amount: ₦100,000.00
  9. BMW:
    •Validity: 20 days
    •Daily Earnings: ₦22,000.00
    •Total Return: ₦440,000.00
    •Amount: ₦150,000.00
  10. TESLA:
    •Validity: 20 days
    •Daily Earnings: ₦37,500.00
    •Total Return: ₦750,000.00
    •Amount: ₦250,000.00

The platform often features investment plans that allow users to invest a certain amount of money for a promised return. It is vital for users to carefully assess these plans, considering factors such as risk and sustainability, before deciding to invest.

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Can Someone Make Money on through Referrals?

Referral programs are common on online earning platforms, and is no exception. Users can potentially earn money by referring others to the platform. However, the success of referral earnings depends on factors such as the platform’s popularity and the activity of the referred users. provides an additional avenue for users to boost their earnings through its referral program. Here’s how it works:

By inviting friends to join, users can earn commissions based on their referrals’ recharge amounts.

When was it Launched?

Knowing the launch date of can provide insights into its track record and stability. Users may want to consider the platform’s longevity and performance since its inception.

Is Legit or Scam?

Determining the legitimacy of is crucial before engaging in any financial activities on the platform. Conducting thorough research, reading user reviews, and checking for red flags are essential steps to assess the platform’s credibility.


In conclusion, offers users various ways to earn money online, including investment plans and referral programs. However, users must exercise caution and thoroughly evaluate the platform’s legitimacy before committing to any financial activities. Always prioritize due diligence to ensure a secure and trustworthy online earning experience.



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